About Us

two years ago, Noga was created to keep ride sharing in Hawaii local.

As a software engineer, I moonlit nights driving for some of the big name competitors that have come to our home recently. It didn’t take long before I realized- these guys don’t love our island the way we do.

I suffered patiently as I witnessed them hurt their customers and drivers time and time again, forcing them through webs of poor customer service, unfair surge pricing and confusing procedures.

I listened to what the local drivers and riders all across our island were saying. They all said the same thing. “We’ve had enough”.

So I created Noga- Honolulu’s first local rideshare.

It’s been my honor to help bring ridesharing back to our communities, and I pledge myself to continually serve the riders, drivers and investors of Hawaii.

And all I ask out of my amazing customers is- love your island and don’t forget to ride local.